Wayanad, Kerala, India
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Wayanad, Kerala, India



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This popular town is famous for wildlife and its spice plantations. Wayanad is part of a forest reserve, located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Because of it wild green coverage it offers great scenic beauty along with the experience of seeing wildlife. The weather here is mostly constant but October till May are the best months to visit. It is located at a distance of 76 km from the sea shores of Kozhikode. Wayanad hills are contiguous to Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu and Bandipur in Karnataka, thus forming a vast land mass for the wild life to move about in their most natural abode.

Wayanad is a place of picturesque locales and natural beauty. One can reach the city from the railway station at Calicut which is about 62 km away. The nearest airport for reaching Wayanad is the Calicut Airport. Besides, it is a trekker’s paradise and is famous for its natural flora and fauna.

Trekker’s paradise

The Wayanad Tourism Organization has been actively involved in promoting tourism in the place, so one can get in touch with them to plan a tour.

In Wayanad, one can visit the Chembra Peak which measures 2100 meters. It is located in the southern part of Wayanad. Make sure that you have a full day at hand as you will spend almost the day climbing up and down the Chembra Peak. One can Also choose to camp here for a night or two.

Nature’s Bounty

The Neelimala is another peak with several intertwined routes. One can scale Neelimala to witness the beauty in and around Wayand. Once you are on top of the Neelimala, you can even view the Meenmutty Falls. You need to trek about two kilometers to reach them. This is one of the largest falls in the district of Wayanad. There is another beautiful waterfall in this district known as Chethalayam. This place is an absolute delight for bird watchers as you can watch several species of birds.

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