Luxury Holidays in India

India knew luxury when the rest of the world was still contemplating survival! Luxury permeated everything- from the way one lived to the products one used and even mindset of the common man- Indian Maharajas weren’t the only members of society that lived it up!

Travel and stay in luxury in India, when you visit the Taj Mahal, or spend a few days sailing on the backwaters of Kerala or cruising on the Brahmaputra in the North-East. Rajasthan can be seen in all its splendor with a stay on the lake in Udaipur or in the palaces of Jaipur and Jodhpur, or even the desert in Jaisalmer. India is renowned for its hospitality and the service you get is warm and impeccable. Luxuriate on Goa beaches or dive in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Pamper yourself in some of the world’s best spas and Ayurveda resorts. Or are you a golfer? Then India offers exclusive golfing experiences with luxurious accommodation and modern amenities. You can also feel like a maharaja on an Indian train while covering the golden triangle. India offers the best in the world if you want to indulge yourself.

Come and experience India’s unique royalty and hospitality firsthand by living in those very palaces, sleeping in the same beds as the royals of India! If you're planning a luxury holiday to India we have the best suggestions and options waiting for you! ‘India Calling’ shall make a ‘Maharaja’ out of you – making you feel unique levels of opulence that shall permeate your soul!