View of Taj Mahal
Unesco World Heritage Site
Agra, India

Why India Calling Tours

The best way to optimize a holiday experience is by partnering with people that are as passionate about showing you the best time as you are about your travels. With a focus on designing the most innovative and wholesome travel experiences, India Calling Tours has been able to grow and become one of the most preferred full service destination management company in India.

Transparency and Sustainability
Our transparent work-ethics make our itineraries conducive to the needs of international travelers that expect high quality services and experiences. Sustainable tourism practices give us the right edge that wins confidences of vacationers and other travel partners.

Our Expertise
We at India Calling Tours invite you to benefit from decades worth of experience inculcated by our team of holiday designers and managers through personal travel as well as experience in the tourism industry. With special focus on packages in India; we commit to delivering extremely high quality services in the otherwise challenging environs of the Indian Sub-Continent.

Our Core strength lies in the detailing with which we cater to every requirement of our customers and create effective response mechanisms that allow holiday makers to continue on enriching journeys through the vast landscapes of India.

Comprehensive Partnerships and Networks
Our full service destination management services are possible because of a vast set of affiliations that we have developed over the years. All of this comes together to deliver enhanced experiences for all our customers.

Full Customization
Recognizing the individual needs of each and every travelers, we cater to 100% customized holidays that focus on quality. With the help of our well-travelled team members the best recommendations are made to ensure that your once in a life-time trip to India not only lives up to your expectations but goes far beyond one’s imagination in providing a wholesome travel experience.

For more information on our competitive prices and proactive travel planning approach call us or write to us.