Message from our CEO


A trip to India is an all-out assault on the senses. You'll be traveling through dusty heat or the snowy colds of the north, sharing roads with a parade of bicycles, auto-rickshaws, sputtering motorcycles, tinsel-draped trucks, camel carts and the occasional cow. At India's sights and markets, the chaos continues: You'll be among throngs of beggars, hawkers, tourists, near naked holy men, business people, snake charmers, children and scurrying monkeys. Amid the cacophony, some of the globe's most majestic and historical sights will emerge:- the Taj Mahal, the Ganges, the Himalayas. But the main thing that attracts visitors to India is its people. Welcoming, friendly, humble and curious, the people make India what it is. Five thousand years of history, 6 major religions and 22 recognized languages create a beautiful melange waiting to be revealed.

You need professional expertise to unravel this mystery and that is what WE GIVE for you to achieve. India Calling tours are private and totally customized to suit individual Interests and schedules. Our tours are themed to your requirement so, travel in comfort at your leisure. All our tours are led by experienced guides and handpicked private chauffeurs. We offer a caring, friendly and supportive service for travellers seeking more than just a "package trip" to India.

Our core strength lies in understanding the needs and expectations of the discerning traveller and delivering much more. Our in-depth local knowledge brings India's ancient civilization and its many layers to life, delicious cuisines, fascinating bazaars, beautiful and grand monuments, important pilgrimage sites and spectacular beauty found in textiles, temple carvings, tribal art and regional architecture. And India's luxury hotels often in restored palaces are among the best in the world.

We also remain committed to operating our business responsibly. Monitor and manage our environmental footprint, promote responsible tourism, and continue our leadership in providing authentic, innovative and a memorable trip to India.

Please contact us or browse our website for more information about our India tours. We know we are the best and we are there for you.

A call of India.......................India calling!

Amit Dhir

Chief Executive Officer