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Goa, situated on the west coast of India, is one of the most delightful states of India. Formerly a Portuguese colony, it is endowed with a variety of attractions including palm fringed beaches, miles of golden sands, lush green country-side, an incredible mosaic of cultural heritage, magnificent churches, temples, forts and monuments and a unique cultural synthesis of the east and west. With its tropical climate, Goa is a tourist destination for all seasons. Goa is a treasure trove of culture, music, dances and art forms that can be enjoyed during local festivals and celebrations. Animal lovers can visit the State’s wildlife sanctuaries It is often said that ‘Goa never stops partying’. The city is known for its vibrancy that attains its pinnacle in the annual Goa Carnival festival.

Without doubt the party capital of India, Goa is one state where you will see international tourists throng all year round. With great beaches, a fabulous party scene and a growing food and music scene, Goa is the place to visit when you want the much needed break from all the sightseeing around India.

Enjoying the Sun, Sand and Sea Book yourself in a 5 Star Resort in the calmer coasts of South Goa or spend a few nights in an affordable hotel in the North while you hit the Anjuna and Baga beaches to party late into the night. With something for all kinds of beach bums, Goa is the perfect getaway when you intend to unwind.

Besides the great seafood, shacks and cheap alcohol, Goa also comes with a rather charming culture that is best experienced through its quaint Portuguese style homes and famous churches. The winter months are the best if you like being a part of the crowd, or wish to ring in the New Year. During the summers, you will be able to find cheaper deals at some of the best chain hotels the state has to offer.

Heritage walk through Sao Tome and Fontainhas – Experience the Latin charms of Panjim’s oldest districts

Goa, Goa

Quaint painted bungalows, churches and charming cafés keep the Latin magic of Goa alive. Panjim, an idiosyncratic neighbourhood, retains its old world charm while incorporating present day shenanigans. All in all, a walk through this district is a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Walking Tours
History and Culture

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Goa – Past & Present

Goa, Goa

Goa was among the important trade centres of the ancient and medieval times, dealing in calico, spices, precious metals and many other goods. Having been under various Hindu dynasties for most of its history, it was briefly under Muslim rule. When the Portuguese Christians arrived, they overthrew the Muslim Bahmanis and conquered Goa in 1510. This rule ended when in 1961, the Indian army marched into Goa. These events have influenced Goa –in religion, architecture, language, dress, cuisine and lifestyle of Goans.

History and Culture

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The Grand Old Houses of Goa - A visit to Braganza House (Chandor) and Palacio de Deao (Quepem)

Goa, Goa

Along with endless beaches, Goa is speckled with beautiful old buildings reminiscent of the Portuguese who ruled here for 450 years. Over the centuries, under their rule, local nobility evolved, consisting mostly of Hindu Brahmin converts to Christianity. They built grand Goan mansions, whose Portuguese influence is obvious but they also reflect a unique fusion of local and Western ideas.

History and Culture

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Spice plantation, Elephants and temples

Goa, Goa

Visit a plantation, learn about spices, ride an elephant, see a Hindu temple

Chiefly dealing in articles like spices, calico and precious metals amongst other goods, Goa emerged as one of the most important centres for trade during the ancient and medieval times. Local spice plantations have spruced up the economy of this state and some of these also herd elephants, making them great attractions for tourists who want to spend a relaxed day while learning more about the ingredients of Indian cuisine and children and adults get an opportunity to interact with elephants!

Culinary Experience
History and Culture

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