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Chittorgarh is rich with stories of Rajputana bravery, pride, and passion. The local bardssing tales of courage and sacrifice, recounting stories that are fondly known to everyone. Chittorgarh is named after its most imposing structure, the Chittorgarh Fort which is perched atop a high hill. The fort itself has had a tumultuous past. This bastion of the Rajput valour has seen violent battles and the silver lining of victory, thrice in its entire history.

The quintessential town of Chittorgarh that lies in the southern region of Rajasthan has a diverse and colourful past. From fables of the royal lands here to being a seat of power and political strategies for the Sisodia clans of Rajputs of Mewar, the city is flocked by travel enthusiasts even today.

A Glimpse into the Pages of Indian History
The city of Chittorgarh that had been greatly influenced by the original rulers, the Mauryans, has maintained its novel charm even today. The bloody past of the city along with the numerous other incidents lend the city a character of its own. The city offers not only huge fortresses to explore but also some breathtaking ruins. Make sure you visit the palatial Chittor Fort that over look the plains of the valley that is drained by the local Berach River.

Unearthing Mystical Secrets
The Chittor fort itself has seven gigantic stone structured gates that were built to protect and secure the inner against all kinds of dangers ranging from cannon balls shot through the air or elephants lunging at the heavy doors. There are a number of other attractions that dot the region such as the famous temple of Meera, Padmini’s Castle as well as the Kalika Mata temple that make for a wonderful exploration site.

Chittorgarh is famous for its huge hilltop complex and is only about two and a half hours from Udaipur city .

.The Sultan of Delhi conquered the fort of Chittorgarh in 1303 and captured the queen. Bhim Singh and his army were defeated badly in spite of showing a heroic defence and they donned saffron robes to sacrifice rather than succumb. Women and children committed mass suicides inside the walls for they preferred to die rather than being ruled by a Muslim .

Explore the fort
Many parts of the fort are still standing and the ruins take at least half a day to explore them fully.

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