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Bhavnagar is a coastal city on the eastern coast of Saurashtra, It was founded in 1724 by Bhavsinhji Gohil and was the capital of Bhavnagar State, which was a Princely state before it was merged into the Indian Union in 1948. Bhavnagar has always been an important city for trade with many large and small scale industries along with the world's largest ship breaking yard, Alang located 50 km away.

Bhavnagar is a port city, located on the coastal area of the Saurashtra peninsula. It is a major business town, near Alang; the biggest ship breaking yard having its base in South Asia. Business professionals who come to Alang have made this city their base for offices and other trading.

Points of Interest

The prominent points of interest for a vacationer in Bhavnagar are the markets located in the old city. These markets are full of life and have their own magical charm. The moment you walk into the old city you’ll be fascinated on seeing the wooden balconies as well as the sections reserved for particular trades like silver bazaar, cloth bazaar, and much more. Some of the noted attractions that the city is home to are Gandhi Smriti, Barton Library, Takhteshwar Temple, the Bhavnagar Lock Gate and Gangajaha.


When planning a tour to Bhavnagar, one of the primary things that come to your mind is where to plan your stay. Fortunately, the city has hotels for people all budgets. So, whether you are on a luxury vacation and don’t mind being a bit extravagant or are eyeing some affordable deals, the city will not disappoint you in anyway.

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