Ajanta Caves - a World Heritage site
Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India



(Gujarat & Western India)

Aurangabad named after Aurangzeb, was the capital of Aurangzeb from 1653 to 1707. Globally known as a favourite destination because of its proximity to the Ajanta and Ellora caves, Aurangabad serves as a major tourist hub that offers a wide array of network services to visit some of the most important attractions around it like Ajanta and Ellora which have been declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, along with the famous Mughal monument Bibi-ka-Maqbara. One of the fastest growing cities in Maharashtra, it is also emerging as a prime industrial city.

The city of the mini Taj

While this city managed to stay out of focus during most part of India’s history, it only made its mark in the map during the rule of Mogul King Aurangzeb, when he made it his capital city between 1653 and 1707. This brief period was sufficient for it to optimize its glory years, witnessing the construction of some of the most fascinating monuments one has seen.

For most tourists, this city is the perfect base when wanting to explore the Ellora and Ajanta caves which were also founded during the golden years of Aurangzeb’s rule. In addition to this, this city is also home to a mini version of the world famous Taj Mahal and acts as a cultural hotspot even today.

Modern day Aurangabad
Today, the city has grown into a thriving metropolis best known for its medical schools and higher education institutions. With students arriving from all over the country, the environment here is rather cosmopolitan.

Historical Site Seeing in Aurangabad
The caves of this city were excavated 3km north of the city from a hillside. In addition to this, you may also want to visit the Daulatabad Fort. If you are looking for some retail therapy while in the city, make it a point to explore the shops that sell silk in various forms. Best known for its hand-woven Paithani and Himroo saris, shopping can be a treat for all while in Aurangabad.

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