A view of the Golden Temple
Golden Temple, The holiest shrine for the Sikhs.
Amritsar, Punjab, India
Golden Temple decorated for the Baisakhi festival
Amrtisar, Punjab, India



(Delhi, Rajasthan & North)

Amritsar, literally a Pool of Nectar, derives its name from Amrit Sarovar, the holy tank that surrounds the splendid Golden Temple. Guru Ramdas, the fourth Guru of the Sikh faith, founded Amritsar in 1579. He constructed a pool on land gifted by the Mughal Emperor Akbar and called it Amritsar. One of the most pristine cities with Guru-vaani humming from the Gurudwaras, Amritsar is renowned world over for the Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara - the holiest Gurdwara. It’s at the end of a causeway, surrounded by the sacred Amrit Sarovar tank (lake), where pilgrims bathe. This place is also famous for its Jallianwala Bagh massacre and its proximity to Wagah Border. The Amritsari cuisine is also very famous. The satiating food and generous dollops of legendary Punjabi hospitality further connive to cast a spell upon the visitor. One of the most agriculturally productive cities of India, Amritsar is well connected with most of the important cities of India.

Considered to be one of the holiest cities in Sikhism, Amritsar is located right in the heart of the state of Punjab. Its name originates from the pool surrounding the famed Golden Temple and refers to the “Holy Pool of Nectar”.

Tourists from around the world throng to this city to visit the glittering Harmandir Sahib, more commonly known as the Golden Temple. The domes of this gorgeous temple are gilded with 750 kg worth of pure gold.

Visiting Amritsar
The best time to visit this city is between October and March during the winter months. In addition to exploring the Golden Temple, this is a great base to consider while you wish to explore the Himalayan foothills. Well connected by road as well as air, thousands of tourists arrive here to go visit the Wagha Border that is known to put on an impressive ceremony each evening for the closing for the borders.

Other sites of interest while in Amritsar include the Jallianawala Bagh, the Mata Temple and the summer palace of Raja Ranjith Singh. Food lovers are also in for a treat while in Amritsar as the city is known for its exquisite street food scene.

Putting to bed ceremony, Amritsar
The hymns of great saints of Sikhism are all compiled in the form of AdiGranth, which is the original holy book of Sikhs. The book is kept in the temple. The book is the centre of attention of the pilgrims and is kept in HariMadhir Sahib during the day and in Akal Takhat during night from around 9.15 pm in winters and 10.15 pm in summers.

This putting to bed ceremony draws an unforgettable picture in the minds of the visitors and is a daily followed ritual no visitor can afford to miss. Men and women are advised to take scarves along; hats even are not permitted there. While entering the temple one has to dip their feet in the holy water. People often slip on the other side as the marble is wet.

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