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Ahmedabad, also known as Amdavad, was named after Sultan Ahmed Shah, who founded the city in 1411. It is one of the major cities of Gujarat. It served as the capital of Gujarat from 1960 to 1970. Ahmedabad has a strong association with India’s struggle for independence. Mahatma Gandhi lived in Ahmedabad for several years and it was from here that he started the Dandi March, also known as the Salt March, an act of non-violent resistance and civil disobedience against British rule in India.

Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, the city of Ahmedabad built its fortune on the thriving textile industry, which earned it the nickname ‘Manchester of the East’. Notwithstanding its attraction as a business destination, Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat remains steeped in history and has a wealth of historical attractions.

The Commericial Capital of Gujarat

The former capital city of Gujarat, the city of Ahmedabad is best known for its associations with the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. This charming city is home to some great medieval Islamic architecture and is also a critical business hub in West India.

Tough this city isn’t conventionally considered a tourist destination, with great connectivity to domestic destinations by road, air and rail and international destinations by air; it makes for an excellent pit-stop while exploring the sights of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

A Few Days in Ahmedabad
That said, spending a couple of nights here can be a rather enriching experience and a chance to delve into the quintessential Gujarati hospitality. With a variety of exquisitely carved wooden temples and a great textile market, sightseeing and retail therapy are activities worth pursuing here. The Night Market is famous for its excellent quality silk, cotton and embroidered textiles.

If you are looking for some insights on the local commercial scene, the Calico Museum is home to a great collection of antique as well as modern Indian textiles. An iconic trip worth having is to the Gandhi Ashram that proves to be an inspirational journey back in time to India’s fight for freedom.

Bazaar Walk in Manek Chowk

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Manek Chowk in Ahmedabad is synonymous with chaos, craziness and confusion. Located in the city’s heart, its biggest market forms its central nervous system for viewing and purchasing textiles, jewellery, wedding articles as well as foodstuff, fruits and vegetables. No visit to Ahmedabad can be concluded without experiencing this market’s many moods.

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Ahmedabad Old City Walk & Haveli Visit

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The heart of the Old City of Ahmadabad gives us a chance to encounter the conventional ways of life of the Amdavadi’s (locals of Ahmadabad). This tour is basically a morning walk that takes us through a journey of discovery of the traditional neighbourhoods (pols) and the ways of life and it’s amalgamation with modern times.

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