Wardrobe Essentials for Your Trip to India


Packing for your Indian rendezvous can be overwhelming. This subcontinent has diverse climates and differs vastly in physical features – from frigid mountains to laidback beaches and dusty deserts to the rainiest place on Earth. Therefore, you maybe perplexed while packing apparel. Essentially, pack according to the places you will visit on the India Holiday Package which you selected.

Noteworthy Points

Your clothing affects the perception and mannerisms of Indians, often, what you wear back home may not be feasible in India. Here are a few ABC’s to consider before you fill those suitcases:

  • Pack light to fit your belongings in minimal space, easing local travel.
  • Leave room to buy some clothing and knick-knacks.
  • Pack things that dry quickly, you can’t trust the weather or depend upon expensive laundries.
  • Ditch more than one pair of formals, you’re not travelling for business and it gets uncomfortable.
  • Read the pointers in the India Holiday Packages that you received on booking the tour.
  • Carry modest clothes – preferably keep your knees and shoulders covered.

The Essentials

Here’s a list of the must-pack wardrobe items on your Indian vacation –

  • Undergarments – Take minimum seven pairs of undergarments, you may not be able to wash them frequently and extras are handy if you get excessively sweaty.
  • Tee-Shirts and Tops – Carrying three-fourth and full sleeved tops (women) is recommended, as is half-sleeved clothing (men): you don’t want to attract attention for your ensemble, especially in non-touristy places.
  • Bottoms – Carry 2-3 pairs of leggings, comfortable and conservative, they are the perfect combo. 2 pairs of lightweight jeans are recommended.
  • Jackets – In the colder regions, you will need to layer up. Carry one-two warm jackets.
  • A Large Scarf – For visits to religious places, it is sometimes mandatory to cover your head with duppattas or scarves.
  • Dress – Bring along a dress or two for partying.
  • Shorts – Yes, you can wear these in the metros and non-religious locales.
  • Bikini – A word of caution, bikinis are tolerated mostly only in Goa, however, you can sport these in major 5-star resorts.
  • Shoes – Sturdy shoes for walking, flip-flops and a pair of dressy flats are perfect to take along.

No matter where in India you are, if you have these basics, you’re set for the duration of your stay.

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