Touring Royal Rajasthan, the Land of the Kings

When the sunrays strike the golden sands of the Thar, it lights up in a divine glow, reminiscent of its glorious past. Having raised countless heroes, witnessed brave battles, served as the foundation of exquisite citadels, and giving rise to a vibrant cultural populace, Rajasthan is a formidable tourist destination.

samode haveli courtyard


5 Experiences You Just Can’t Miss in Rajasthan –

  1. Live Like a King: Rajasthan has preserved its erstwhile royal households, opening them to the public to observe its magnificence. Each city has at least one Palace and it would be foolish not to visit them – each differing in architecture, style and decor, you won’t be tired of looking at the royal way of life. Stay at a palace hotel and experience the lifestyle as you are waited on hand and foot. Luxury India Tours also offer a chance to camp at lavish tents within the dunes of Jaisalmer, where you can enjoy a rustic camel safari at sundown.


  1. Watch Princely Games: If you prefer overdramatic opulence, watch an Elephant Polo game at the Pink city, or take a ride on elephant-back uphill Amer Fort. Jaipur also hosts various vintage car rallies, where the rides of the former Maharaja’s are showcased amidst an enthusiastic crowd. View the hunting trophies at one of the many museums.


  1. Explore Religious Sanctities: Rajasthani’s have always been religious and their faith is depicted in the centuries-old majestic places of worship, which wow tourists even today. Visit the temples at Ranakpur, Ajmer Sharif Durgah and Brahma Temple at Pushkar to feel a divine pulse.


  1. Investigate its Ethnicity: Participate in one of the many mela’s (fairs) that are held across the state, the renowned ones being at Pushkar and Nagaur. Visit the Bishnoi Village and see the Abheneri step well which promises a mystical experience as do the ruins in the village of Bhangarh.


  1. Discover the Flora and Fauna: The ecology of Rajasthan enchants visitors. Peacocks dance atop citadels and rare birds adorn Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The jeep safaris at Ranthambore and Sariska Tiger Reserve are perfect to view former hunting grounds. Enjoy dune-bashing at Desert National Park amidst a conserved ecology. Sit overwhelmed as the Kalbeliya tribe charms snakes, making them dance to their tunes.

For many Luxury India Tours, Rajasthan is the first stop. Mesmerising travellers with its breathtaking secrets amidst a scorching desert, it is a must-visit for everyone visiting India.

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