Tips for the Elderly when Touring India this Summer

Tips for the Elderly when Touring India this Summer

Tips for the Elderly when Touring India this Summer

Finding the best place for summer vacation in India is not that difficult. However, if you are an elderly person, there are some precautions that you would benefit from taking. Changes in temperature, long hours of travelling and stress can tire you out or even cause you to fall ill. Here are some ways of avoiding this and enjoying your stay.

Plan Well

Know your destination. Find out about the temperature, climate, food and other factors that may hinder your chances of enjoying the trip. Get a detailed list of medical facilities around you so that you are always prepared. Many travel agents cater to the needs of senior citizens. Try to avail of these services. Travelling with a group instead of alone increases the fun quotient and is also safer. Getting travel insurance may also prove useful


Indian food has some of the tastiest spices and provides the most delicious flavors. The sea-food delicacies, the coconut curry, etc. can leave your mouth watering. However, if not used to, this may cause stomach infection. Avoid roadside vendors and preferably, stick to drinking bottled water. A restaurant with a good reputation will know the value of good hygiene, so frequent these places.

Pack with Care

You will have to lug your baggage wherever you go. It is advisable to travel light. It is always wise for elderly people to opt for bags with wheels as this will reduce your burden and avoid straining your back. But don’t forget your camera as this trip is one you will not want to forget.

Take Precautions

Go for a check-up before leaving. Make sure you are healthy enough to travel and find out you’re your physician how to prevent health issues while travelling. This also is the best time to get your prescription for the medications you have to take. Also, stock your first aid kit with painkillers, antacids and other must-take medications.

While holidaying, make sure you keep your money, credit cards, travel documents and other valuables safe. It is best to use the hotel safe to store these valuables. This way even if you get pick-pocketed, you will not have a cause for worry.


The idea of vacation is to relax and rejuvenate. So plan your itinerary in such a way that it isn’t hectic and tiring for you. Himachal Pradesh is considered the best place for summer vacation in India. The weather is salubrious and the landscape mesmerising. You will be away from the scorching Indian heat. But there are other destinations are well, such as Goa with its beautiful beaches, Kerala with its backwaters and the Northeast with its unspoiled natural beauty, where you can rest, relax and rejuvenate.

Travelling later on in life is smart as you have more time on your hands and are not restricted by responsibilities. But being elderly makes you more vulnerable hence you need to take care at all times. Keeping a list of emergency numbers and taking health precautions is an absolute must. Essentials like ID proof, moisturizing lotion and sunscreens should not be forgotten. Given your age, you should not try to rough it out but go prepared. Relaxation should be the focus of your vacation. So keep these essential tips in mind and you will certainly have an enjoyable time while touring India this summer.

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