Things You Should Know If You Are a First Time Traveller to India

Things You Should Know If You Are a First Time Traveller to India

Things You Should Know If You Are a First Time Traveller to India


While embarking on a maiden journey to a foreign land, one can be quite apprehensive. Especially with a culturally distinct and diverse country like India, you may not know what to expect. There’s certain stuff that you should beware of, before setting foot into this incredible nation, otherwise you may get a culture shock out of the blue.

Here’s a concise list of the essential things to know for your very first visit to India:

  1. Avoid Over Exhaustion – India is a vast country and try as you might, you cannot explore every famous niche and corner within a few short days. Tour Packages in India are planned exceptionally well to evade burnout and give you the perfect dream holiday that you had imagined. Select an itenary that meets your interests and leaves time for experiencing the magic of this nation.


  1. Watch Your Mouth – Literally, watch your words. Abusive language isn’t usually tolerated in India and you may have to pay a heavy price for a slip of tongue. Also, control your eating and drinking. You do not want to travel with an upset stomach. Make sure to eat at trustworthy places, restrict street food and drink only bottled water.


  1. Dress Conservatively – Whoever has been to India will not stop stressing that you need to dress modestly. Indian’s do not like excessive skin show and look down upon those who take to the streets wearing sparse clothing. Especially in the country, dress conservative – you don’t want to attract ruffians and have old ladies look down upon you.


  1. Explore the Villages – For a true feel of India’s charming beauty, abandon the bustling cities and backpack through the villages. The hospitality, scrumptious food, lifestyle and festivities will mesmerise you. Certain Tour Packages in India offer spectacular options to experience India’s inherent essence.


  1. Take Precautions – Indian streets are clamoured with noise and unsocial elements. Don’t carry excessive money while strolling through the streets; you may be pick-pocketed. Remember, a bargain that seems too good to be true is best avoided. Traffic can be a nuisance and public transport can be squishy and intrusive, especially at rush-hours, so plan your trip keeping in mind these factors.

So, on your first ever visit to the land of diversity, keep these pointers in mind to have the safe and hassle-free vacation that you desired.

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