The Top Most Baffling Attractions of India

The Top Most Baffling Attractions of India

The Top Most Baffling Attractions of India

While you are exploring the length and breadth of India, chances are that you will encounter some strange yet exciting sites, attractions and stories that baffle your mind. Each one of these architectural or mythical mysteries come together to create a highly colourful tapestry that consists of the Indian culture and history. While many may be left baffled with the kind of things you will do and see here, most visitors leave the country spell pound by its connect with the universe and the world around us –

  • The Hand Carved Sundials at the Konark Temple

While planning your family tour packages in India make sure you visit the East, where in the state of Orissa you will come across the enchanting Konark Temple built in 1250 AD in praise of the Sun God. Also known as the Sun Temple, this structure is built in the form of a chariot that runs on 12 pairs of highly intricately carved wheels. What many people don’t know is that the24 wheels on which this temple is flawlessly adorned are also Sundials. The 12 sets of the wheel each represent the month of the year and provide highly accurate times of the day.

  • The Shiv Linga at the Amarnath Cave

Located at an elevation of 3888 meters above sea level, the Shiv Linga at the Amarnath Cave is considered to be among to the most sacred and renowned stalagmites of ice in the world. This Linga is created by the consistent dropping of water through the mountain holes and grows vertically to look just like a Shiv Linga. It is believed that it is here that Lord Shiva described the Amar Katha, the mysteries of the universe, to his wife, Goddess Parvati.

  • The Kailasa Temple at the Ellora Caves

Also a UNESCO World Heritage site, Ellora Caves welcomes millions of visitors each year who arrive to gape at the architectural magnificence that is found at the Kailasa Temple in this complex. In addition to this, the caves too provide unique levels of perfection in the form of structure, architecture and individuality like none other. Most experts around the world find it hard to accept that such technique in carving and architecture had been adopted in this period. It is believed that the creators of this gorgeous complex belonged to an extremely advanced civilization.

  • The Land of the Immortals – Gyanganj

In many forms of Indian mythology and folklore, visitors will encounter stories that suggest that celestial and God like creatures reside in the mountains. There are no surprises there when we hear of secretive creatures and souls residing in India’s largest mountain range, the Himalayas. Gyanganj is one such mountain that is believed to existing entirely on a distinctively different plane of reality, being home to celestial beings and more.

  • The Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

One of the most exciting mysteries of this ancient fort in the city of Hyderabad is the acoustic design of the complex. Enter this space and you will soon be witnessing other tourists clapping away to glory to test the mysterious acoustics of the fort. It has been found that as soon as you enter through the main entry way of this fort into the large patio, your clap can be heard all the way in the other corner of the fort. The clap can in fact, be also heared way high up the slope outside what used to be the chamber of the king. Walk around the complex and as soon as you finish your trek, you will be able to hear the other tourists clapping in the patio.

In addition to this, some of the other baffling sites and landmarks worth visiting on your trip around India include the magnetic hills of Ladakh, that are known to pull cars uphill, against gravity. The Karni Mata Mandir in Bikaner is also famous for its unexplained popular of rats that have now been revered there.

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