Legendary Tombs beyond the Taj Mahal

Legendary Tombs Beyond The Taj Mahal

Legendary Tombs Beyond The Taj Mahal

Most of the tombs in India were built as a dedication to the Mughal rulers and emperors who ruled the states for centuries. The magnificent love story behind the creation of the Taj Mahal is a wonderful expression, but there are a number of other unconventional tombs and places to visit in India as well. here are some colossal structures to visit on your next trip to India.

The Tomb of Adham Khan

Build in the year 1561, the Tomb of Adham Khan has been meticulously preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. Adham Khan was the trusted general of the Mughal ruler Akbar and was laid to rest at Mehrauli in Delhi where the structure stands even today. The son of Akbar’s wet nurse, Maham Anga, he played a vital role in his success especially during the initial years.

Mariam-uz-Zamani’s Tomb

Mariam-uz-Zamani or as she was often known, Heer Kunwari or Jodha Bai was the bolved wife of the Mughal ruler Akbar and was of Rajput descendant. She was laid to rest at the Tomb of Mariam-uz-Zamani that had been established roughly around 1623 and 1627 CE near the princely state of Agra.

The Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah

The beautiful marble adorned Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah that was build in Uttar Pradesh in the city of Agra is an architectural marvel. With hints of red sandstone and the proceeding beautification with white marble and pietra dura ensure it stands apart from the other tombs built around the same era.

Bibi ka Maqbara Tomb

The renowned Bibi ka Maqbara that was erected between 1651 and 1661 CE as an ode to the wife of the emperor Aurangzeb by the beloved husband himself is famous for its Taj Mahal like qualities. Dilras Banu Begum or as she was referred to after her passing, ‘Rabia-ud-Daurani’ still lays peacefully resting in the district of Aurangabad.
The Tomb of Sheikh Chilli

Sheikh Chilli or Abd-ur-Rahim Abdul-Karim Abd-ur-Razak’s Tomb is a structure that still stands in Thanesar, Haryana. He was the respected Qadiriyya Sufi tutor of Dara Shikoh and as a tribute was laid to rest in a tomb adorned with quintessential Persian architecture. As an ode to his teachings and beliefs a ‘madrasa’ in his name was also built on the same premises.

There are a number of tourist places in India worth a visit, but to experience the true culture and traditions one must explore the roots as well.

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