Indian Drinks for the Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts

Indian Drinks for the Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts

Indian Drinks for the Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts

As amazing as it is to discover a new city or place, ending your day with a classic drink of the region as you unwind can make it all the more better. For the thirsty travellers who visit India, there are a number of drinks beyond the chilled pint of Kingfisher beer to make your evening a memorable one. As you hike through the diverse nation you will also come across a number of traditional lip smacking drinks that one must indulge in. Here are some popular concoctions available across the best holiday destinations in India:-


The Exuberant Wines of Nasik

Head over to the small but influential town of Nasik nestled among the valleys of the Deccan plateaus that can be called the Bordeaux of India. Not only can you get a breakdown on the sauvignons, chenin blancs, merlots and chardonnays but you can even stay at a vineyard and sample some of the finest wines available. Sommelier or not, the wines that can give international labels a run for their money are not to be missed when here.


The Famous Goan Feni

Blessed was the bounty of the cashew trees, and the Portuguese in Goa knew they must learn to treat it with respect and care, after all, it was the means to a heady infusion that would revolutionise the world of nectars. This extract derived from the fruit of the cashew tree is not for the faint at heart with its pungent smell and questionable hue. The cuisine of Goa more often than not calls for the use of this drink in a number of its most renowned dishes as well, making it a sought after drink.


The Royal Rajasthani Liqueurs

The blue blooded states of Rajasthan call for a drink as royal as their palaces and hence their exquisite liqueurs embody the same regal heritage of numerous dynasties that ruled the regions. The royal kitchens brewed their own liqueurs with rich ingredients such as cardamom, saffron, dried fruits and herbs, a favourite of the royalty here.



The wonder ambrosia we call chhang is something that gives your trip to the Eastern Himalayas a sense of completeness. This millet beer is a renowned dinnertime aperitif that can be an intense and invigorating experience when drunk hot during the harsh winter months.

Some of the best holiday destinations in India boast of a colourful and diverse infusion that represents a part of their local culture. Your experience in India can only come to a full circle when you give such delicacies a try out.

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