Holiday Destinations in India to Chance upon before they Become Mainstream


Trip to India – Lesser known destinations.

Sometimes it takes loosing yourself to truly discover who you are. Go off the beaten tracks and visit some of these holiday destinations in India before they become the rage and lose their rustic charm.


Discover Artists at Work at Amadubi, West Bengal

India has since centuries been known for its luxurious art and culture. One such undiscovered form of art is the concept of Pyatkar. Artists and painters in this region use natural leaves and barks of wood as a canvas and narrate stories and legends of the gone eras. A short drive away from Jamshedpur is Amadubi that harbours these artists and offers visitors a chance to see them at diligent work.

Grab a home styled meal with infused flavours while you enjoy their open aired dance and music performances arranged specially for you. For the more adventurous there are even some of the famous tourist places in India such as old palaces and temples around worth a visit.


Soaking up the Chola Dynasty Heritage in Neduncheri T Puthur, Tamil Nadu

Located at close proximity to Chidambaram and Veeranam Lake is a famous heritage hotel by the name of Lakshmi Vilas. Designed in a traditional landlord bungalow setting complete with a courtyard, it depicts the quintessential Chola architecture with hints of the Tamil influence and ethnicity. With 20 breathtaking rooms and a restaurant housed in a coconut grove, it is truly a marvel. Besides the hotel, the adjoining wonders make it a wonderful place to visit. With a Shiva temple where a parrot can read your fortune to an Indian version of breaking the Piñata, you will never be short of entertainment here.


Spot Leopards at Jawai, Rajasthan

Lying between Udaipur and Jodhpur is the Jawai Leopard Camp. Named after one of Rajasthan’s largest water reservoirs, Jawai Bandh, migrating birds such as flamingos, cranes and geese are a sight a dime a dozen. But the main attraction here is their leopards. As you reside in some of the most luxurious tents complete with a private viewing deck, the flawless views of wilderness and natural formations itself make it worth the visit. Their expert guides will let you know the best time to take a safari and how to track the elusive cats along with other game.


Learn the Intricate art of Pottery at Urakam, Kerala

Thrissur has been known as the centre of Keralan art and culture since centuries gone. However, art here is a lot more than the traditional forms. Drive over to Urakam for a unique experience that has undoubtedly been unlike another. As you shape mounds of pure earth into wonders of the world, the peace you will know is worth any hardship taken to get here. From simple handwork to glazing, you can view all different stages of work going on in this peaceful and serene school located near a river.


Visit an Eco Camp at Poppalwadi, Goa

A party destination that matches the ranks of international ones, Goa has a diverse range of experiences for those looking for them as well. If you are finally done with raving your nights away, a good way to detox before you hit the routine life is to visit this eco camp. However, you need to be prepared to give up on electricity and phones and roads and all such modern amenities we take for granted. This organic and rustic environment is a perfect home stay experience. With solar power and such eco friendly modifications, you will not be subject to dire heat or any problems. In fact the temperature here is cool all year round. Since most products here are home grown, rustic pizzas and scrumptious barbeques are a given. Artisanal food that even forays into the Japanese cuisine is remarkable.

From watching artists create something magical to spotting leopards like never before, dining with village heads to having your fortunes read by a mystical parrot, these travel ideas will leave you boasting about your vacations for years to come.

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