Experience the Best Rice Boat in India – MV Vrinda by Oberoi Group

MV Vrinda :: The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda is the Oberoi Groups answer to a rice boat journey. The Vrinda is a stunning pontoon boat that is located in the  back waters of Kerala, an area popularly referred  to as “Gods Own Country”. Kerala is recognised around the world for its lush green vegetation, ayurveda, relaxed culture, spices,  and the delicious seafood. The major draw for visitors in Kerala is it’s back waters, small rivers that link various bodies of water together and create extensive waterways for boats to travel. Traditionally  these water ways were used to transport rice from the rice paddy fields to the towns, but has since given way to tourism and the state now offers travellers stunning scenery and relaxed river cruises to give you the highest levels of rest & relaxation.

The MV Vrinda is a class of its own. MV Vrinda is the largest vessel in the Kerala backwaters and unquestionably the most luxurious. From large private bedrooms with king size beds, flat screen TV’s, and full ensuite bathrooms, it takes rice boat cruising to an entirely different level. The MV Vrinda has 8 staterooms creating a very intimate stay and is perfect for  families and for friends who travel in a group as they can easily charter the whole boat!

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