Essential Things to Pack when Travelling to India

Essential Things to Pack when Travelling to India

Essential Things to Pack when Travelling to India

Especially if you are planning a long trip this summer, you want to make sure that you bring along with you the right things that help you have a culturally wholesome holiday in India. Taking into account the local way of life and the climate of this country, here are a few essentials to bring along on your travels –

  • A Backpack

Regardless of how old you are and unless you are having a completely luxury vacation, bringing a backpack along with you proves to be a practical choice. Especially if your day is filled up with plans to go sightseeing you want to make sure that you can carry all your essentials with you all day long.

  • Sturdy Shoes

Considering all the walking you will be expected to do between attractions and even within complexes, you want to make sure that your have shoes that are sturdy enough to walk around ancient palace walls, ruins and even hill sides during your journey in India.

  • Flip-Flops

If a part of your journey includes a beach holiday in Goa or Kerala or you plan on checking into a resort for a few nights, bringing along flip-flops will be a great way to comfortably make your way around.

  • Hand Sanitizers

Bring along with you small bottles of hand sanitizers or tissues which are integral for travelers planning on road-trips or journeys with little access to urban infrastructure.

  • Deodorant and other Toiletries

While most good hotels will offer shampoos, shower gels and lotions, you may want to bring along with you your deodorants, hair conditioner, sunscreen and mosquito repellents. However, remember that you can also easily find all of these items in a local chemist, provided you are in a big city.

  • Modest Clothing

It is recommended that you dress modestly while making your way around India. While most parts of the country are extremely safe, you want to make sure that you are not disrespecting any locals or their culture. Many temples and attractions around India have strict rules about what you are permitted to wear before you enter. It is always recommended that you bring with you a scarf to cover your head and shoulders when entering places of worship.

Packing for your holiday in India, unlike most other travels, you must not only take into account personal comfort but also the requisite requirements of adhering to local cultures. While most parts of the country are quite liberal, you want make sure that you blend in with as much ease as possible.

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