Essential Guide to Look Stunning in All your Holiday Pictures while in India

Essential Guide to Look Stunning in All your Holiday Pictures while in India

Essential Guide to Look Stunning in All your Holiday Pictures while in India

Now that you have finally made the decision to explore the magnificent culture of India, you want to make sure that you come back home with some exquisite pictures of yourself set in the backdrop of regal palaces, exquisite mountain ranges and pristine beaches. The best holiday destinations in India can come together to offer some picture perfect environments for those who love to capture memories everywhere they go. However, the climate here can pose unique challenges. Here are a few simple tips on achieving the perfect holiday look that will bring you the most “likes” on your social media profile –

  • Moisturizing Yourself

Start applying heavy moisturizer on yourself one day before you intend to fly. This will help you maintain the hydration levels in your skin when you are in the air. Cabin pressure and air conditioning tends to have dehydrating effects on skin.

  • Hair Care during your Flight

Tie your hair up in a high bun or pony to prevent bad hair after a very long flight. Also make it a point to bring with you a wide tooth comb along with you on your flight.

  • Avoid Extra Foundation

To be able to revive your fresh looking face, avoid adding extra blush or foundation. The simple trick is to add a bit of moisturizer and a drizzle of mineral water on your face. Adding foundation on your skin can give your face a cakey look, especially if you are travelling in India during the summers.

  • Use Neutral or Nude Shades

Bright colour nail paint tends to chip easily giving your hands an unfinished look. It is ideal to opt for sheer hues or nude shades that don’t look messy half way into your long holiday around India.

  • Bring Along a Cleanser

It is not practical to carry along with you all your skin care items when travelling to India. If you have a choice, it is strongly recommended that you bring along with you a cleanser that helps you maintain the acid balance of your skin and prevent any breakouts due to perspiration or contact with pollution.

  • Avoid Touching your Face too Often

While travelling, your hands are bound to attract numerous bacteria. Touching your face too often can result in skin problems. Always make use of anti-bacterial hand wash before you start applying your makeup.

Finally, the best holiday pictures are the ones where you use minimal makeup. Avoid using creamy eye shadows and mascaras at all costs. Whether you end up taking a dip on the ocean or you fall asleep on your long journey between two cities, you don’t want your eye makeup to trail down your face.

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