Eating Like a Local when in India

Eating Like a Local when in India

Eating Like a Local when in India


While most of the world equates Indian food with the typically North Indian dishes that are available in restaurants around the world, in reality the curries and the breads are just the tip of an iceberg. Travelling into India is a great way to venture on to a memorable culinary adventure that takes you through the local tastes and preferences of every region of this vast and diverse nation.

Pick an India holiday package that includes some excellent food related experiences, allowing you to have a holistic journey into the local way of life.

  • North Indian Cooking

Food from this part of the country essentially consists of meat and Indian breads. The wholesome dishes native to the North are typically cooked in a Tandoor and also come with spicy, sometimes creamy and relatively thick gravies that are often referred to as curries in other parts of the world. If you visit Kashmir or a Kashmiri eatery in New Delhi, you will be able to taste meat or vegetables cooked in milk, curd and sometimes even dry fruits. While exploring this region, make it a point to try out some Sheekh Kebabs, Naans, Chicken Tikkas, Samsosas and Black Daal.

  • Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Ladakh

The Tibetan or Buddhist influence in these regions is not only evident in its people but also in the foods that are served here. The cold weather here creates a perfect setting for a hearty bowl of hot noodle soup going by the name of Thukpa. Here, you will also find street food stalls serving steamed and fried stuffed momos and gyakho. When in Sikkim, make it a point to try out the famous Himalayan millet beer, Tongba.

  • Seafood Galore in West Bengal

The locals from this part of the country absolutely love their fish. Whether it is made into a “jhaal”, which is fish with chillies and grounded mustard seeds or stewed with veggies, fish is a common feature in many of their dishes. In addition to this, this part of the country is most famous for its milk based sweet dishes. No trip here can be deemed complete with tasting the famous rasgulla and the sandesh.

  • Food Down South

Rice is a common feature in the meals served in Sothern India. In Kerala, you will find that a lot of their seafood, curries and vegetables come with coconut base. If you are looking for some spicy food, the Chettinad cuisine native to Tamil Nadu is worth a try. However, be prepared to try out dishes that are primarily vegetarian. While exploring South India, make it a point to try out their uttapams, dosas and idlis.

  • Western India and Gujurat

Food from Gujarat is largely known for its sweet after taste. Furthermore, dishes here are primarily vegetarian. If you happen to be in Mumbai you are bound to find food native to Gujarat and even the other parts of the country. If you are looking for something extremely local while in Mumbai, try out their Paav Bhaji, a dish consisting of mixed vegetables mashed with spices and tomatoes that is usually eaten alongside a local bun.

Goa too is mostly known for its seafood, considering that it is a coastal state. In addition to this, it is common to find dishes made out of pork here. Their dinners represent an evident Portuguese influence consisting of roast beef. Dessert here usually consists of cakes and puddings.

By booking yourself in a customized holiday package in India you will be able to make sure that you embark on a culinary adventure like none other!

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