Discover Rajasthan’s ‘best-kept secret’ 1

A lakeside palace-complex adjoining a sanctuary, in the middle of Thar desert beckons you.
Gajner Palace is a jewel in the Thar Desert, built by HH Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh of Bikaner on the edge of a lake. The property was converted into a heritage hotel in 1976.
Lose yourself in this sprawling majestic palace, with its distinctive terraces and balconies; revered for its fabulous setting and unhurried way of life, explore a world of nature-walks, boat-rides, sanctuary dinners and desert safaris. Discover Rajasthan’s ‘best-kept secret’, just 30-minutes’ drive away from Bikaner.
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One thought on “Discover Rajasthan’s ‘best-kept secret’

  • Kurnia

    Rajesh — that is quite an amazing meramiol! It would be amazing to stay in one of those hotel rooms. I would probably have to settle for going through the museum — that too, I’m sure, would be a great experience. By the way, when I thought of your ‘incredible facts’ sidebar when I did my (modified, old-lady style) Yoga this morning.