Destinations for Every Season in India

Destinations for Every Season in India

Destinations for Every Season in India

The weather in India is generally categorized into 3 seasons the summer season, the monsoon season and winter season. However we do enjoy the seasons of spring and autumn too in between the 3 main seasons. To go through all the seasons in a few day you need to come to India. If you’ve been longing for a getaway here are a few details on the best time to travel to India:


Spring in Himachal Pradesh

In India, spring starts from February and ends in April. With the warm crisp air and the signs of new life all around Himachal Pradesh is perfect during spring time. If you land there in March, you can watch the earth come alive as the snow slowly melts away. The Kufri hill station is open for skiing and the Beas and Ravi rivers are great for river rafting if you plan on getting a little adventurous. The Dalhousie, Dharamsala and the Spiti Valley are other places you could visit during your holiday in Himachal.


Summer in Kashmir

Kashmir is the crown jewel of India and like the rest of the country it is diverse. It’s not just the local languages and cultural differences, but the landscapes and the wild life around. Going to Kashmir on vacation will show you many wonderful things like stunning wild flowers and graceful mountain creatures against the backdrop of sky high mountains covered with snow covered peaks. Skiing, trekking, climbing are other fun ways you can enjoy your time here.


The Indian monsoons are phenomenal which makes it the best time to travel to IndiaThey bring life in the form of new sprouts and marks the awakening of life deep within the earth. It is the longest season as it stretches from June to October,giving it enough of time to cover the grounds in lush green. The best place to witness the magic of the monsoons is from Western Ghats. These ridges and ranges are parallel to the Arabian Sea and run through Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. Along these hills and slopes you’ll find so much to take in apart from the landscape’s captivating beauty, like the wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations, national parks and prominent towns nestled between the mountain ranges.


Coorg is India’s little heaven on earth. And the best time to come here is during India’s autumn season, which is in October. It’s the best hide away from the city and perfect for outdoors activity like hiking and trekking. Coorg has many water bodies like waterfalls and springs, dense forests and a long history that will leave you wondering how such a magical place could exist.


In India, the ideal winter destination is Goa. It isn’t just the surf and sand that draws people in during the winter season. During the period from November to January the little state is jumping with energy. The film festival, music festivals, flea markets, casinos and parties are all very welcoming and are great ways to let off steam on your vacation. Besides the night life and fun in the sun, Goa is also famous for it’s Portuguese cooking, culture and history.

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