All you Need to Know about Spending A Day in India’s Capital City

Spending a day in Delhi.

Spending a day in Delhi.

Use Indian holiday packages to discover the monumental structures of silver and sandstone as you try to make sense of the mayhem and chaos that defines India, a vacation unlike any other. Although the city of Delhi embodies the very sense of engrossment and exasperation, it is also a heady mix of clamour and surprising calm, flamboyant wealth and unavoidable poverty, technical wizardry and bustling entertainment scenes.
The sprawling capital city of Delhi can entertain any personality, but if you find yourself short on time, here is how you should spend your twenty four hours to experience as much as you can:-


Early Morning Shenanigans
Head over before the sun completely rises to the renowned Tomb of Humayun. Basked in the glow of soft morning light, the second Mughal emperor of India has an architectural marvel as an ode to him. The elegant red and white mausoleum and the garden estates around make for a wonderful sight to wake up to.

Mid Morning Adventures
Head over to the monumental India Gate that is a war memorial of Central New Delhi. Stroll over to the western Rajpath road that opens up to a number of Raj-era styled government buildings that are stunning in all its glory. On some days they even allow visitors at the palatial Rashtrapati Bhavan which serves as an epicentre for a number of political revolutions. The Red Fort, your next stop is a step back into another era. Amble around the souvenir stores where royalty once purchased their fineries or discover the wonderful inlaid marble in the Hall of Private Audiences which even without its pomp and show is as grand as ever.

The Ambling Afternoons
If you do not fear some adventure, head over to the renowned Chandani Chowk to sample freshly made delicacies such as chaat and sugar laden jalebis. After lunch you can explore the meandering lanes of Dariba Kalan and Kinari Bazaar before you make your way to the Jama Masjid, a grand and breathtakingly beautiful mosque. The royal culture of the Mughals still shines through from the delicate and intricate work on display. 

The Urban Village and Nightlife Scenes
Once you are relaxed and ready to go head out for the night, visit the exclusive Hauz Khas where you can not only shop for antiques and valuables but also discover some of the best restaurants and bars with the most upscale crowd of Delhi. For the gourmands and connoisseurs, this is definitely the place to end your night at.

Cheap holiday packages in India can be a reality if you learn to fix a comprehensive plan and stick to it. A day in Delhi for the ones who do not have much time to spare is enough to get a feel of the culture.

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