A Woman’s Guide to how to Dress when Exploring India

A Woman’s Guide to how to Dress when Exploring India

A Woman’s Guide to how to Dress when Exploring India

As a woman, you know you always have this ordeal, where you have nothing to wear when you go out. So what are you going to wear on your trip to India? The style of dressing in India is not entirely the same as Western countries, though many urban women do wear Western-styled clothes. India may be a developing country but the dressing sense in the country is related to culture to some extent and so particular attire that you may see as completely normal may be considered inappropriate in certain parts of the country. So how should a woman dress when exploring the Indian terrain?

Appropriate Attire

Appropriate attire would be something that suits your body, the weather and the culture. The general rule is to cover the shoulders, legs, midriff (unless you are wearing sari) and cleavage. You want to wear something that draws the least amount of unwanted attention, revealing that you are an unsuspecting tourist.

Similarly, you want to wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Short skimpy clothes aren’t always the best idea because it can lead to excessive sun exposure. Soft, light-colored cotton clothes that cover the body should help you stay cool in a region with hot climate. And for cold weather revealing clothes are not an option.

Comfortable Attire

There’s so much to see and do in India so what you need is clothes that you feel comfortable in. This way you don’t have to deal with wardrobe malfunctions instead of enjoying your adventures in India. Loose clothes like T-shirts and jeans are perfect for taking on physical activities in India. You can carry a few comfortable clothes with you then purchase some in India, like kurtas, leggings and ankle length skirts, to help you blend in and feel comfortable at the same time.

Attire That Does Not Offend

Going to a village, visiting a temple or religious site it is imperative for you to follow the dressing culture specified like covering your head and body properly. Do not wear tight short skirts and tops reveling too much skin. It will hurt religious and cultural sentiment and attract looks of disapproval from the locals. You are a guest in their land and it would be suitable if you played by their rules.

Attire That Allows You to Look Good in Pictures

You are in a new country where the dressing style is influenced by culture, so you will want to capture it on film. And, since the whole point of travelling is to create memories of unique experiences you can take part in the Indian culture by trying out their traditional dresses like embroidered saris, salwar kameez, kurtas, churidaars and other clothes famous in that region of the country. The clothes for women in India come in almost every color imaginable. All you need to do is pick what suits you and take amazing pictures of you and your friends wherever you go.

Attire when Attending an Indian Wedding

If you thought India is a colorful place the moment you set foot here, you haven’t seen a traditional Indian wedding then. Indian weddings are bright, cheery and color inspired. Women must be dressed from head to toe in sparkly material. Typically, when attending an Indian wedding, you should be looking to don a gorgeous silk sari with a lot of intricate zari work or a ghagra choli. These are acceptable wedding outfits for women.

The way you dress in India says a lot about you. It also affects the way people treat and respond to you. Your luxury India trips don’t require you to come to the country wrapped up like a mummy. You simply need to keep the length of your clothes below your knees and keep those shoulders covered – a simple scarf should do the trick.

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