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Spending a day in Delhi.
Use Indian holiday packages to discover the monumental structures of silver and sandstone as you try to make sense of the mayhem and chaos that defines India, a vacation unlike any other. Although the city of Delhi embodies the very sense of engrossment and exasperation, it is also a heady mix of clamour and surprising calm, flamboyant wealth and unavoidable poverty, technical wizardry and bustling entertainment scenes. The sprawling capital city of Delhi can entertain any personality, but if you find yourself short on time, here is how you should spend your twenty four hours to experience as much as you can:-   Early Morning Shenanigans Head over before the sun completely rises to the renowned Tomb of Humayun. Basked in the glow of soft morning light, the second Mughal emperor of India has an architectural marvel as an ode to him. The elegant red and white mausoleum and the garden estates around make for […]

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Live it Up like a Local in India
The best way to discover the vibe of a new city is to explore it like a local would, and the one thing Indian tour packages almost always never mention is that a large part of the local culture demands for a maddening crowd to be present. If you are adventurous and do not mind mingling with the masses, here are some experiences that are a guaranteed ice breaker: A Friendly Match of Cricket There are far more children born with a bat in hand than a golden spoon in their mouths in India, a capital for cricket fans and enthusiasts. You could be walking on the road to find yourself come across a blocked lane where a group of youngsters partake in a match. The best way to experience the passion is to equip yourself with sunscreen, a hat and water, and head over to the closest stadium for a match of cricket where […]

Live it Up like a Local in India

Indian Drinks for the Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts
As amazing as it is to discover a new city or place, ending your day with a classic drink of the region as you unwind can make it all the more better. For the thirsty travellers who visit India, there are a number of drinks beyond the chilled pint of Kingfisher beer to make your evening a memorable one. As you hike through the diverse nation you will also come across a number of traditional lip smacking drinks that one must indulge in. Here are some popular concoctions available across the best holiday destinations in India:-   The Exuberant Wines of Nasik Head over to the small but influential town of Nasik nestled among the valleys of the Deccan plateaus that can be called the Bordeaux of India. Not only can you get a breakdown on the sauvignons, chenin blancs, merlots and chardonnays but you can even stay at a vineyard and sample some of […]

Indian Drinks for the Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts

The Quintessential Things to do in South India
Since over six centuries, the wonderful country of Kerala, known as God’s own paradise has been thronged by numerous travellers from across the globe. Whether you seek some exhilarating experience, enchanting city or an enthralling story to tell, your visit here is bound to leave you satisfied. Here are some activities to add on with your luxury India tours to pursue down south- Cruising the Breathtaking Backwaters A trip to the country of Kerela cannot be declared as complete unless you experience at least one lazy ride with a leisurely boat on its tranquil backwaters. As you make your way down the path lined with numerous emerald shaded coconut plantations and turquoise lakes, you can literally feel the stress of an urban life melt away from you. You can even rent a houseboat for a night an spend a romantic time as you wake up to a heart stopping sunrise with your only your beloved. […]

The Quintessential Things to do in South India

Legendary Tombs Beyond The Taj Mahal
Most of the tombs in India were built as a dedication to the Mughal rulers and emperors who ruled the states for centuries. The magnificent love story behind the creation of the Taj Mahal is a wonderful expression, but there are a number of other unconventional tombs and places to visit in India as well. here are some colossal structures to visit on your next trip to India. The Tomb of Adham Khan Build in the year 1561, the Tomb of Adham Khan has been meticulously preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. Adham Khan was the trusted general of the Mughal ruler Akbar and was laid to rest at Mehrauli in Delhi where the structure stands even today. The son of Akbar’s wet nurse, Maham Anga, he played a vital role in his success especially during the initial years. Mariam-uz-Zamani’s Tomb Mariam-uz-Zamani or as she was often known, Heer Kunwari or Jodha Bai was the bolved wife of the Mughal […]

Legendary Tombs beyond the Taj Mahal

  While embarking on a maiden journey to a foreign land, one can be quite apprehensive. Especially with a culturally distinct and diverse country like India, you may not know what to expect. There’s certain stuff that you should beware of, before setting foot into this incredible nation, otherwise you may get a culture shock out of the blue. Here’s a concise list of the essential things to know for your very first visit to India: Avoid Over Exhaustion – India is a vast country and try as you might, you cannot explore every famous niche and corner within a few short days. Tour Packages in India are planned exceptionally well to evade burnout and give you the perfect dream holiday that you had imagined. Select an itenary that meets your interests and leaves time for experiencing the magic of this nation.   Watch Your Mouth – Literally, watch your words. Abusive language isn’t usually […]

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Packing for your Indian rendezvous can be overwhelming. This subcontinent has diverse climates and differs vastly in physical features – from frigid mountains to laidback beaches and dusty deserts to the rainiest place on Earth. Therefore, you maybe perplexed while packing apparel. Essentially, pack according to the places you will visit on the India Holiday Package which you selected. Noteworthy Points Your clothing affects the perception and mannerisms of Indians, often, what you wear back home may not be feasible in India. Here are a few ABC’s to consider before you fill those suitcases: Pack light to fit your belongings in minimal space, easing local travel. Leave room to buy some clothing and knick-knacks. Pack things that dry quickly, you can’t trust the weather or depend upon expensive laundries. Ditch more than one pair of formals, you’re not travelling for business and it gets uncomfortable. Read the pointers in the India Holiday Packages that you […]

Wardrobe Essentials for Your Trip to India

samode haveli courtyard
When the sunrays strike the golden sands of the Thar, it lights up in a divine glow, reminiscent of its glorious past. Having raised countless heroes, witnessed brave battles, served as the foundation of exquisite citadels, and giving rise to a vibrant cultural populace, Rajasthan is a formidable tourist destination.   5 Experiences You Just Can’t Miss in Rajasthan – Live Like a King: Rajasthan has preserved its erstwhile royal households, opening them to the public to observe its magnificence. Each city has at least one Palace and it would be foolish not to visit them – each differing in architecture, style and decor, you won’t be tired of looking at the royal way of life. Stay at a palace hotel and experience the lifestyle as you are waited on hand and foot. Luxury India Tours also offer a chance to camp at lavish tents within the dunes of Jaisalmer, where you can enjoy a […]

Touring Royal Rajasthan, the Land of the Kings

Not falling in love with India and its rich tapestry of culture, heritage and history is rather impossible. Especially in the North of the country, visitors are welcomed with an astonishing number of monuments, forts, temples, palaces and other structures that dominate landscapes in an awe inspiring manner. If you are an avid history lover, exploring the following destinations in Northern India is a must – The Capital – New Delhi In addition to being the capital of the country and a vibrant urban settlement, New Delhi offers to its visitors an uncanny journey into the ancient past of this country. New structures sit adjacent to ruins, tombs, fort walls and a host of other structures that are reminiscent of the region’s colorful history. History lovers will absolutely love a trip to the past by visiting the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, the Iron Pillar, Jama Masjid and Old Delhi. Leg Two of the Golden Triangle […]

Top Destination Picks from North India for the History Lovers