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Essential Guide to Look Stunning in All your Holiday Pictures while in India
Now that you have finally made the decision to explore the magnificent culture of India, you want to make sure that you come back home with some exquisite pictures of yourself set in the backdrop of regal palaces, exquisite mountain ranges and pristine beaches. The best holiday destinations in India can come together to offer some picture perfect environments for those who love to capture memories everywhere they go. However, the climate here can pose unique challenges. Here are a few simple tips on achieving the perfect holiday look that will bring you the most “likes” on your social media profile – Moisturizing Yourself Start applying heavy moisturizer on yourself one day before you intend to fly. This will help you maintain the hydration levels in your skin when you are in the air. Cabin pressure and air conditioning tends to have dehydrating effects on skin. Hair Care during your Flight Tie your hair up […]

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How to Sign up for the Right Tour Company for your Holiday to India
Planning your travels with the help of a destination management company or a tour organizer can prove to be a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to pursue fulfilling holidays. Especially if you opt for Indian tour packages you will be able to stop feeling overwhelmed by the sheer choices and identify an itinerary that helps you satisfactorily cover the length and breadth of this magnificent country. Before finalizing any tour packages in India with any particular company, make sure that you account for the following – Reputation Start with a basic search on the internet to identify companies with good reputations. Go through travel message boards, review websites and speak to friends and family members to indentify operators that are transparent with their approach. Cost of Travel Not all tour companies are able to deliver what you pay for. Look for companies that minimize the use of middle men and deal directly with hotels, car […]

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Debunking the Common Myths around Travel in India
It is easy for travellers to stereotype a nation based on its popular attractions and culture as shown by global media. However, if you are one who truly likes to have in-depth travel experiences, breakaway from the following myths and plan a fulfilling trip to India. Myth #1 – Taj Mahal is the Highlight of India While there is no doubt that visiting the Taj Mahal can be an awe inspiring experience for all, there are a dozen of other sites in the country that are sure to bring out a similar reaction among tourists. If you truly wish to go into the depths of Mogul architecture during your travels in India you may also find charming wonders scattered in New Delhi, Fatehpur Sikri and parts of Rajasthan. Besides this, Udaipur, Ranakpur and even parts of South India should be considered when charting out your journey. Myth #2 – You Need to Haggle Everywhere but […]

Debunking the Common Myths around Travel in India

Picking the Right Summer Holiday Package for your Trip around India
Summer is the best time for you to discover everything that India has to offer. India’s lush paddy fields, snow-covered valleys, picturesque streams bring tourists and visitors by the dozen. During the summer months, the northern states suffer the wrath of the sun but hill stations are the perfect places to visit. There are a number of summer holiday packages in India that you can consider choosing from. These packages usually give you the opportunity to experience everything that is a must see during the summer months. Some of the well-known summer packages are: Ooty- Kumarakoum Tour Since the most ideal location during summer is the hills, Ooty is the perfect place to head to. This week long tour will give you the opportunity to visit some of the beautiful, scenic places of South India like Munnar and Kodaikanal. You can also explore the wildlife of the region at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. There are numerous […]

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Leading Luxury Experiences worth Having in India
Taking into account that India is often associated with the land of the Royals, the exotic country welcomes you with open arms to come and experience its grandeur in all its opulence. Furthermore, planning luxury trips to India can prove to be extremely affordable when compared to other options in Europe and parts of the west. Here are a few opulent experiences that you must consider pursuing while visiting the magnificent country – Spending a Few Nights in a Palace Hotel Whether you wish to explore the Nawabi way of life in Lucknow and Hyderabad or the Rajput royalty in Rajasthan, India is home to a myriad of palace hotels that are run by some of the leading hotel chains in the world. Book yourself for a few nights in the Taj Group’s Rambhag Palace in Jaipur, the Falakhnuma Palace in Hyderabad or the Umaid Bhavan for a unique chance to live like the royals […]

Leading Luxury Experiences worth Having in India

Eating Like a Local when in India
  While most of the world equates Indian food with the typically North Indian dishes that are available in restaurants around the world, in reality the curries and the breads are just the tip of an iceberg. Travelling into India is a great way to venture on to a memorable culinary adventure that takes you through the local tastes and preferences of every region of this vast and diverse nation. Pick an India holiday package that includes some excellent food related experiences, allowing you to have a holistic journey into the local way of life. North Indian Cooking Food from this part of the country essentially consists of meat and Indian breads. The wholesome dishes native to the North are typically cooked in a Tandoor and also come with spicy, sometimes creamy and relatively thick gravies that are often referred to as curries in other parts of the world. If you visit Kashmir or a […]

Eating Like a Local when in India

Reasons Why India should be on your Travel Bucket List
You may have spent a significant amount of your time off exploring the scenic country side and the charming towns of Europe, along with the bustling large cities of the west. However, if you are truly looking for a one of a kind journey that touches your heart as well as your mind, it is time to start checking off some of the leading tourist destinations in India. Once you are truly able to get past the stereotypes, India offers an enriching travel experience for all. India is Huge, Diverse Nation Considering that its 33% the size of the Untied States of America this vast nation has a lot to offer in terms of incredible natural beauty, history and sights to be explored. The North of the country has the great Himalayan Ranges, enchanting dessert lands in the west while the East is best known for its tribal lands. Finding Value for Money Often considered […]

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How to Cut Costs While Spending the summer in India
If people tell you that you have to be rich to be able to truly explore the riveting country of India, they are wrong. Even though the summer holidays are considered to be a peak tourist season, with some smart tricks and a well planned approach, you can have a fulfilling time here, without having to break your bank. Visit the Off-Season Destinations Even if the summer season is considered to be peak because most of the country goes on holiday this time of the year, many destinations such as Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan witness fewer crowds due to relatively hotter weathers. If you are able to brave the heat, you will be able to benefit from great deals on accommodations, flights and more personalized treatment. Opt for a Package With a variety of licensed destination management companies offering cheap holiday packages in India you will not only be able to enjoy the convenience of […]

How to Cut Costs While Spending the Summer in India

  Home to some of the best beachfront luxury in South Asia to some soul searching spiritual experiences in the Himalayas, the summer is a great time to explore the magnificent offerings that India has to offer. If you are looking for hassle free summer holiday packages in India, here are a few options for you to consider – Leh, Ladakh A terrain characterized by its unending barren valleys and snow capped peaks, Ladakh is a dream destination that has recently been gaining a lot of tourist attention. Considering its elevation, this region undergoes drastic weather changes in the summers as well as winters. Without doubt one of the best tourist destinations in the summer, the land of the Lamas is ideal for adventure seekers and motorcyclists who throng into this region when the temperatures begin to rise. Coorg, Karnataka Located in the sprawling valleys of the Western Ghats, Coorg is often referred to as […]

You Ultimate Guide to Summering in India