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Destinations for Every Season in India
The weather in India is generally categorized into 3 seasons the summer season, the monsoon season and winter season. However we do enjoy the seasons of spring and autumn too in between the 3 main seasons. To go through all the seasons in a few day you need to come to India. If you’ve been longing for a getaway here are a few details on the best time to travel to India:   Spring in Himachal Pradesh In India, spring starts from February and ends in April. With the warm crisp air and the signs of new life all around Himachal Pradesh is perfect during spring time. If you land there in March, you can watch the earth come alive as the snow slowly melts away. The Kufri hill station is open for skiing and the Beas and Ravi rivers are great for river rafting if you plan on getting a little adventurous. The Dalhousie, […]

Destinations for Every Season in India

As the lunar month of Ashwin approaches, Hindu’s across India devote themselves to the Supreme Being – Goddess Shakti and her nine avatars. Celebrations, ceremonies, feasts and fasts are observed to honour the deity who destroys all evil. This year, the revelry commences on 13th October and after nine nights (Navratri) of merry religious fervour, concludes with the observance of Vijayadashmi. There’s one common purpose for all the gaiety and pomp and though it’s manifested in different ways throughout India, the message stands loud and clear – good always triumphs over evil. Preeminent tour operators offer tailor-made India Travel Packages for those wanting to observe the diverse festivities in full swing. Here’s a day-by-day guide for zealous travellers wishing to undertake the voyage – Day 1 – Amritsar Start your all India Navratri escapade at Amritsar. Having a distinct way of paying obeisance to the beloved goddess, the locals observe seven-day fasts while reading ‘Durga […]

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