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Legendary Tombs Beyond The Taj Mahal
Most of the tombs in India were built as a dedication to the Mughal rulers and emperors who ruled the states for centuries. The magnificent love story behind the creation of the Taj Mahal is a wonderful expression, but there are a number of other unconventional tombs and places to visit in India as well. here are some colossal structures to visit on your next trip to India. The Tomb of Adham Khan Build in the year 1561, the Tomb of Adham Khan has been meticulously preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. Adham Khan was the trusted general of the Mughal ruler Akbar and was laid to rest at Mehrauli in Delhi where the structure stands even today. The son of Akbar’s wet nurse, Maham Anga, he played a vital role in his success especially during the initial years. Mariam-uz-Zamani’s Tomb Mariam-uz-Zamani or as she was often known, Heer Kunwari or Jodha Bai was the bolved wife of the Mughal […]

Legendary Tombs beyond the Taj Mahal

  While embarking on a maiden journey to a foreign land, one can be quite apprehensive. Especially with a culturally distinct and diverse country like India, you may not know what to expect. There’s certain stuff that you should beware of, before setting foot into this incredible nation, otherwise you may get a culture shock out of the blue. Here’s a concise list of the essential things to know for your very first visit to India: Avoid Over Exhaustion – India is a vast country and try as you might, you cannot explore every famous niche and corner within a few short days. Tour Packages in India are planned exceptionally well to evade burnout and give you the perfect dream holiday that you had imagined. Select an itenary that meets your interests and leaves time for experiencing the magic of this nation.   Watch Your Mouth – Literally, watch your words. Abusive language isn’t usually […]

Things You Should Know If You Are a First Time ...