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Packing for your Indian rendezvous can be overwhelming. This subcontinent has diverse climates and differs vastly in physical features – from frigid mountains to laidback beaches and dusty deserts to the rainiest place on Earth. Therefore, you maybe perplexed while packing apparel. Essentially, pack according to the places you will visit on the India Holiday Package which you selected. Noteworthy Points Your clothing affects the perception and mannerisms of Indians, often, what you wear back home may not be feasible in India. Here are a few ABC’s to consider before you fill those suitcases: Pack light to fit your belongings in minimal space, easing local travel. Leave room to buy some clothing and knick-knacks. Pack things that dry quickly, you can’t trust the weather or depend upon expensive laundries. Ditch more than one pair of formals, you’re not travelling for business and it gets uncomfortable. Read the pointers in the India Holiday Packages that you […]

Wardrobe Essentials for Your Trip to India