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Sometimes it takes loosing yourself to truly discover who you are. Go off the beaten tracks and visit some of these holiday destinations in India before they become the rage and lose their rustic charm.   Discover Artists at Work at Amadubi, West Bengal India has since centuries been known for its luxurious art and culture. One such undiscovered form of art is the concept of Pyatkar. Artists and painters in this region use natural leaves and barks of wood as a canvas and narrate stories and legends of the gone eras. A short drive away from Jamshedpur is Amadubi that harbours these artists and offers visitors a chance to see them at diligent work. Grab a home styled meal with infused flavours while you enjoy their open aired dance and music performances arranged specially for you. For the more adventurous there are even some of the famous tourist places in India such as old […]

Holiday Destinations in India to Chance upon before they Become ...