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Holiday Tour Packages for India - Luxury Trip to India

From picturesque valleys, pristine coast lines, historic towns, rich culture and a thriving food scene, India has everything to offer to the quintessential tourist. We, as your specialists for all things “India” bring to you a basket of some of the best treasures this magnificent country has to offer. Our diverse land has a lot to offer and planning a trip to India can be overwhelming for an international traveler. With our expertise, tourists are able to enjoy tailor made holidays that are luxurious and enriching for all.

With a team of travel experts born and brought up in this diverse land, tourists can be assured that their bespoke vacations include nothing but the best of the Indian tour packages!

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Our Advantages

  • 100% Custom Made Tours
    100% Custom Made Tours

    100% Custom Made Tours

    What sets us at TripToIndia.com apart from other travel companies is the simple fact that no two groups of our travel customers will have the exact same experience. With customized holiday tour packages in India designed to meet the specific and most intimate requirements of our travelers, we are committed to deliver highly rewarding and wholesome experiences around India. We believe that smaller the travel group the easier it is for the tourists to have authentic cultural experiences that India offers in such abundance.

  • Local Knowledge
    Local Knowledge

    Local Knowledge

    At TripToIndia.com, we spend significant time understanding the exact needs of each one of our travel groups and deliver itineraries that exceed demands and expectations. Having dealt with a host of international travel groups with a variety of needs and demands, we have been successful in pleasing even the most discerning traveler. All of this is possible through our insights on local culture, heritage, attractions and landmarks. With first hand knowhow on places to visit in India and every itinerary we provide, we at TriptoIndia.com are confident about each one of our recommendations.

  • Hand Picked Tour Guides
    Hand Picked Tour Guides

    Finest & Selected Tour Guides

    In our belief, the extent at which tourists enjoy their trips around India highly depends on the quality of the guides that accompany them. Not only are our handpicked team of tour guides extremely well read and experiences, but they are also trained in ensuring wholesome experiences for our non-local travelers. With expertise in multiple languages and extreme acclimatization in traveler preferences, the guides are able to make sure that our customers have an unforgettable experience during their trip to various parts of the country.

  • Hand Picked Chauffeurs
    Hand Picked Chauffeurs

    Hand Picked Chauffeurs

    In addition to extremely friendly and courteous tour guides, we at TriptoIndia.com also offer to our customers well trained and expert chauffeurs. Our English speaking chauffeurs are well experienced and acclimatized to traffic and road systems across India. This helps international travelers confidently plan road trips within cities and across regions without having to worry about convenient ways to get around. Our chauffeurs are hospitable and extremely well-versed with the ways of the country, allowing our guests to have insightful experiences while exploring the real India.

  • Our Specialist Live in India
    Our Specialist Live in India

    We Live in India

    Having been born or spent years in this magnificent nation, our specialists are able to help you plan wholesome trips through various parts of this diverse nation. Navigating through everything that the country has to offer can take a lifetime. That said, with the advice of our specialists, it becomes a lot easier for international travelers to save time researching various experiences and plan a holistic trip that adhere to the highest standards. We are committed to deliver exclusive India travel packages.

  • Operating for over 25 yrs
    Operating for over 25 yrs

    Operating Trips to India for Over 25 years!

    With over 25 years of experience in this field, we at TriptoIndia.com have been a part of major travel revolutions that have taken over the nation. Furthermore, or long journey in this field has allowed us to inculcate unique levels of dedication as travel enthusiasts. Having catered to thousands of different types of tourists and travelers, we are able to make sure that we leave no leaf unturned for first time visitors looking to explore as much of the country as possible. ‘India Calling Tours’ is a Ministry of Tourism, Government of India approved body and also an ACTIVE member of the Indian Association of Tour Operators.


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  • "Dear Mr. Dhir, I wish to thank you for coordinating all the arrangements to make our trip to Rajasthan a memorable one. Thank you again for your time and efforts."

    -Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz


  • "Overall I would definitely recommend anyone to use “ India Calling” for their trip to India."

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